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Reading and Spelling Made Simple

After selling over 20,000 sets of our key Reading and Spelling Made Simple programme, we have given it a refresh! The original red manual has been carefully and fully revised, as well as split into four easy-to-follow, practical, and more learner-focused books.

Reading & Spelling Made Simple is a great step-by-step process that has been simplified for parents and caregivers, and is also perfect for tutors and teachers needing a practical resource. And over 20,000 people agree with us!


We have included additional fun activities, ideas for resources you can make yourself, extra teaching notes, and hands-on learning, as well as full-colour illustrations throughout.

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Reading and Spelling Made Simple Teaching Guide
Reading and Spelling Made Simple Book 2
Reading and Spelling Made Simple Book Three

A Proven System That Really Works 

Help your learner to gain the skills to become a competent and fluent reader, a keen writer, and a successful speller to increase their opportunities. The Reading and Spelling Made Simple programme helps learners with the three aspects of the English Language:

  1. Oral Language

    • Speaking, listening, and questioning.

  2. Reading

    • Decoding texts and finding meaning in what is read.

  3. Writing

    • Using their knowledge of the English language to express themselves in a meaningful way.

This is a proven method that has been used since the 1960s, and continues to be used extensively today. It is especially good for learners who are struggling with the basics or struggling within the standard classroom environment.


Other Books and Resources

Discover our Preschool Literacy Made Simple book, which has proven very popular with parents, grandparents, caregivers and early childhood teachers.

We provide other learning resources and games which complement our books, including Sight Words Cards and Letter Dice to practice and reinforce new information with your learner in a fun and interactive way. We have also included some free resources including activities plus Testing and Assessment Sheets.

Enjoy, look around, and explore something new.