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Barbara Griffith

Barbara Griffith
Author / Resource Teacher of Literacy

Barbara Griffith, Co-Owner

Barbara has been a teacher for more than twenty years. As a Resource Teacher of Literacy, she specialized in the teaching of literacy for much of that time.


Barbara is passionate about books and has a particular interest in helping children to learn to read.


She has used her skills and experience to develop Mary Andrew’s original red manual into a colourful and user-friendly series of books. 

Barbara also enjoys travel and unique experiences, such as walking to the ancient site of Machu Picchu in southern Peru.

Darlene Mathieson, Co-Owner

Darlene loves books, art, learning, and children. She has always been passionate about helping people and animals whenever she can.


Her fascination with learning led to her own research into literacy and learning styles. She has trained in remedial reading, and worked with children and teenagers in primary school and community programmes.


She loved redeveloping the existing materials with Barbara, and continues to create new and exciting books, games, and resources.

Darlene loves to travel and compete in motorsport in her spare time. She is also a marketing consultant and business mentor at her company Traction Business Acceleration.

Darlene Mathieson

Darlene Mathieson
Illustrator / Editor / Graphic Designer

Mary Andrew - Founder of Simply Reading

Mary Andrew
Creator / Primary School Teacher

Mary Andrew, Founder

Mary Andrew (Diploma in Teaching, B.Ed), was a New Zealand primary school teacher.


She discovered that there were many children in her classes who experienced difficulties in reading, writing, and spelling. They needed more individual attention than a classroom teacher was able to provide.


Her passion for literacy and a determination to empower these children led to her creating the programme. Many of these students would otherwise have fallen through the cracks in the New Zealand education system.

The Mary Andrew Literacy Training Trust was set up to help carry on the work she was so passionate about. Mary passed away in 2006, aged 79.


We would like to thank the following people who helped make the revised editions of Mary’s book possible.


Firstly, we dedicate these books to the memory of Mary Andrew who had the passion, and the desire to make a difference in children’s and adults’ lives by empowering those experiencing difficulties with reading.

Secondly, our gratitude to Karen Tobich, for having the vision to see that Mary’s programme and resources would continue long after her death.


We are also deeply grateful to Cheryl Bougher, who has given us considerable practical advice in the use of the manual and was very helpful in the editing phase of this series of books.

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