Our resources help make learning fun!

We have developed our resources to work with the Reading and Spelling Made Simple programme and other books. They help to make learning interactive, colourful and fun!


Our games can also be used by themselves, and come with full instructions and ideas for activities. 


300 Sight Words Cards

These 300 Basic Sight Words Cards are split into three levels of 100. Each level is printed in their own colour and individually numbered for easy sorting. Let your learner touch and move the words around. Lots of games can be made up using these cards, including activities in our Reading and Spelling Made Simple books.

  • Each card has one large word on the front, and the word is used in a sentence or in another example on the back.

  • Three different levels of difficulty to suit the level of your learners.

  • Individually numbered for easy sorting.

  • Colourful and fun with lots of activity suggestions.

300 Sight Words
Printable Resources Set #1

Printable Resources Set #1

This set consists of high-quality, easy-to-open and print PDF files. Many activities and fun sheets are included. They are in both full-colour and black and white for different printing and colouring-in options. Print them on white or coloured card or paper, or on adhesive sheets. Printable at A4 or A3 size depending on your printer’s options.

  • 10 Assessment Sheets (including Learners List, Question, Answer & Recording sheets).

  • 12 Activities (including Picture-Word Matching, Word Pyramid, Word Quilt, and Silent-E activities).

  • 5 Fun Sheets (including bookmarks and stickers).


Letter Dice

Make learning fun and interactive using a set of coloured dice with letter blends on each surface, for playing games and teaching the structure of words. Encourage and help your learners to experiment by throwing the dice to make new or silly words. Learners can see for themselves that words are formed by letters that make different sounds. Great for kinaesthetic learners who like to move while they are learning. Comes with a set of instructions and activities.

  • Beginning, middle, and endings of words.

  • Printed instructions with many game options.

  • Games can begin easy and get harder to suit your learner's levels.

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