Activity Resources Already At Home (Books 1, 2)

Useful for teaching Preschool Literacy and Reading and Spelling Book 1 and Book 2.

There may already be many useful things in your home or school that can be used to help teach early literacy in a fun way with your learners. From finding and pasting pictures beginning with a certain letter into a scrapbook to painting letters on the footpath with water, there are many ways to encourage learning.

Here is a list of helpful resources you can have at home for helping to establish letter and sound relationships:

  • Non-toxic paints and finger paints

  • Paint brushes

  • Glue and glitter

  • Plastic bottle tops

  • Lots of cardboard

  • Spare blank paper

  • Coloured paper and card

  • Soft, wide-tip pencils

  • Scissors, rubber bands

  • Crayons, coloured pencils, chalk, felt pens

  • Pictures in magazines, catalogues, newspapers

  • Scrapbook

Buy A Good Dictionary

We highly recommend having a good dictionary in your home. There are some simple, pictorial dictionaries are available for young learners, but it is essential to gradually introduce the normal school-type dictionary and teach your learner how to use it.

Extra Reading Ideas for Beginners or ‘Book Shy’ Learners

For additional resources and ideas, talk to other caregivers, and have a read through our Reading and Spelling Made Simple Teaching Guide.