The Importance Of Literacy Today

As technology becomes so ingrained in our everyday life, some people are questioning the importance of literacy for our youth.

With the addition of writing software that incorporates spellchecking, grammar suggestions and online dictionaries, the importance of literacy skills has been undermined by many with the ‘need to communicate’.

However, as a part of both the education and business sectors, I have seen first-hand how good literacy skills have never been more important.

Literacy And Business

The ability to clearly communicate with clients, potential clients and associates is critical, now that common loyalty to businesses is becoming a thing of the past. Access to more information, online suppliers, and therefore more competitors means the messages you are sending need to be superb, succinct, relevant and effective. Now that’s something spellcheck can’t do.

In the same arena, research is a very important part of any business or career. The ability to use the correct language in finding what you need to know, processing what you find, and creating your own wealth of knowledge are essential skills in keeping up with technology and trends, both in your career and in your personal life.

Literacy And Technology

The written word is still the basis of the majority of our communication, especially when it comes to sharing information. The Internet has given us a library in virtually every home. New software is being developed and released all the time. Businesses are commonly using systems to make them more efficient and streamlined.

This new technology is all around us, and in every industry – you now need a computer to tell you what’s wrong with your car. And all of these things need to be learned through words and comprehension. And to pass this knowledge on to others – to simplify, clarify and explain new concepts – you also need words.

In this day and age of fast-changing technology, information and communication, the ability to use language effectively and comfortably is one of the best skills we can give to our children today.

Article by Darlene Mathieson